Wednesday, June 23, 2010

One's Story

Everyone has a story.. just that, well, not everyone speaks of it.. not everyone blurts it out to anyone nor in the web. some speak of it only in their hearts.. some, put it to writing where none can ever read it. some just finds a corner and cries it out.. while some lifts it up to the Almighty God.. some, only speaks out to their top secret keepers..

as for me? i usually tell a few chosen friends.. usually to my best friend.. put some things to writing, typing, keeping.. i also bring it up to the Lord.. but now, I'm taking the leap of faith; allowing my life to be an open book; and maybe, just maybe and hoping and praying to inspire one, make one smile, or even laugh and that's better. not targeting lots of human.. just one is enough to thank God for. :)