Monday, July 5, 2010


I call her Razel, why? It has been an expression here in the Philippines that when a girl pal is well liked by someone or even liked by not just one, we usually say "ang haba naman ng hair mo!"(your hair is so long!). As strange as it is in English, well trust me, it's sounds good in the vernacular. Well yeah, there it goes, I started calling her Rapunzel because of that, and we used to call each other that at some point and really had fun with it. Then i thought of a shorter endearment near the name and that's where "Razel" started. We call each other that, but now, I'm Schue and she's Razel.

She has always been there for me and she's someone I thank the Lord for, a lot. I don't remember a time when we didn't enjoy each one's company. We don't come from the same city though and that college graduation set us cities apart. Praise God for the cyberworld (that's what i usually call this - blogs, social networking sites, chat, emails), as it has been an important tool in communicating with her, and to all of my close, dear, loved ones who are far from me too.

I was looking through photos and deleting some unnecessary ones to expand the memory of my laptop and to reminisce as well. I have gone through a lot and these two photos of me and Razel had inspired me to form this post.
jump shots on top of a really huge rock.
 It was a difficult choice I had to make regarding the size of the photos that I would pick for this post, but I realized that in order to see the details of what our bodies have formed here, I had to pick  the X-Large option.

It was as if we were so care free and just too young at these times. I would go back to how we are then and see that life were much simpler. Looking in the details of this two photos, it came up to me "these are priceless". We can always pose together and smile our prettiest for the camera but the moments are never identical, it would always be another memory.

I miss her. I wonder how the instant click we had from the start never failed to keep on clicking, over and over again and until now that we're apart. Razel is not just "a friend", she is -my friend- ; and I am hers, no doubt. <3