Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pre-birthday Thoughts

I'm not such a fan of nail-polish but I think I'm getting a bit interested with it recently. For one, it looks good since it goes against the color of my skin. I can't wear a nail-polish during my college days because this is really prohibited for nurses. And plus, I don't ever want to look unprofessional in my actual hospital shifts when I already got my license and started doing my volunteer service.

I really want to thank my mom for applying the nail-polish here. These little moments are precious to me. Another thing, I really don't know how to apply one! It's very tragic for a lady at my age and this is a funny confession.

This really gives a beautiful look on my hands when I am playing my piano. How I wish I could already resume posting videos on my Youtube account again but the thing is, my piano is not tuned very well and some of the keys really doesn't play anymore. I really need to get it fixed by a professional. I also think that I need a better video camera than which I have now. My actions doesn't even sync with the sounds which I'm producing, neither does the movement of my mouth match the voice I'm letting out of my vocal chords.

Another number will be added to my age tomorrow, but I don't mind it. Or at least not yet as of the moment? haha. I had a haircut and I look pretty much the same. LOL. I think looking the same is way better than looking older or more stressed, right? ☺ I'm currently 22 years old, if, in cases, you are wondering anyway.

Anyway, the whole world teaches us to stress it whenever we get a notch higher in terms of maturity in age. I don't think I should cling to the world view on this one. For me, just as long as the Lord is with me, helping me, guiding me, enabling me, then I think that it is the most important thing in life much more than age or social status or monthly earnings.

The Lord bless you and keep you, dear reader.