Saturday, November 24, 2012

Nervous! I covet your prayers. Please? :)

I'm really nervous because it's my first time to sing a solo part in a Sunday choir song offering in our church, the song is Light of the World by Dennis Jernigan.
It's a very beautiful song about the Light of the world who is of course, the Lord Jesus Christ. You can listen to a Youtube video of it here. :)
I like the whole song and some of my favorite parts are these:
  • "Light of the world, shone through my darkest night, brought me into the light.."
  • "Helping my blind eyes to see.. Setting me free, living in me.."
  • "Precious Lamb crucified.. Savior, Lord, Jesus Christ.."
  • "I give my life to say, You are the ONLY way.. "
It worships our Lord, I frequently end up teary-eyed singing this.
Please pray for these:
  • That I don't end up crying because parts of the song touches my heart so. I don't want to distract the congregation because of crying and because of a voice that trembles just because of my nervousness.
  • That all of us in the choir will be alert and not be the cause of distraction for the congregation as we all worship together through the song.
  • That I will not try to win approval of men, but of God. Not to please men but to please God.
  • That the Holy Spirit will so move the hearts of each listener and cause them to worship in Spirit and in Truth.
  • That above all, the Lord will be honored, seen and glorified. And that none of us will rob the Lord of the glory that is due Him and Him alone.
Glory to God! I should be excited for how the Lord will move, right? Because I know that His grace is sufficient (2 Corinthians 12:9), that it is a privilege to serve the Most Holy and High King of Glory, and that He don't need any of us but chooses to allow us to participate in His work anyway. Praise God!