Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Perspective on Disappointments

Disappointments are His appointments, it reminds us that (1) we have already trusted in man/ circumstance, (2) there is only One who can never disappoint us and is always worthy to be trusted.

I just experienced earlier, and I guess others can identify too, that sometimes we think certain people already know us well, but in reality, they don’t. This gets exposed when they react to what you are saying as if they really believe that you are thinking in the way that they believe you to think so.

Expectations do disappoint us. This shows us that only God cannot disappoint us. It should point us to Him in trust. I thank the Lord that He knows me through and through. He even knows the number of my hair (Matthew 10:30), He ordained the days set for me (Psalm 139:16), what a comfort. 

I hope that the somehow ministered to you through this, dear reader. Lord Jesus bless your heart!

with Christ’s love,
Jill A.