Thursday, June 26, 2014

One Afternoon Walk, Enjoying Creation

I decided to walk going to the jeepney line to my church family's building in a not-so-busy-road in our city last Tuesday (06.24.2014), then I almost went passed the city garden where we can buy various plants and flowers. (I just don't know why this place is called "Orchidarium" since it's not really dedicated for Orchids alone. haha.)image
But anyway, I've got time since our choir practice call time is 5:30 and I think it's about more than an hour early (we were to testify at prayer night and we decided to sing after testifying... not to mention our intention to promote the ministry and invite people to serve with us! *wink wink*) :)

Unfortunately in the garden place, I needed to pay to take pictures of the flowers so I just didn't! (At least I didn't think I was in dire need to take pictures. :p) I only closely looked at them and appreciated them with my eyes and heart in worship.. :) So here, I just wanted to share some few things I've seen there. 

I especially liked this view from below. ^___^ (Seriously felt like I'm in a rainforest. haha)
Whoever thought that we have these in the orchidarium? Since it looks so limited from the outside:
Cute pathway:
Felt like entering Narnia through this:
When I was exploring in peace and quiet, I felt how much I missed walking alone with the Lord.. I really love walking, probably not many would understand. But as short as it may seem, it was such a wonderful time.. :)

I was just telling the Lord about how great He is in creating the beautifully patterned prickly cactuses/cacti, fresh pretty flowers, and interesting herbs&plants. It blessed my heart to walk with the Lord and discuss my thoughts with Him. Only through the precious blood of Christ.

"All things came into being through Him [Christ], and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being."
--John 1:3