Monday, July 12, 2010

Cinderella Mug

■ This is my favorite mug. why? because . . .

  • it's Cinderella! (i loved her so much when i was young) <3
  • it's Disney
  • it's pretty&cute
  • I can see this cute icon every time i drink from it. ------------------------→>>
  • it's microwave safe (even if I never used it on a microwave before.LOL)
  • I still love princesses even at this age of 21. <3 (I always dreamed of becoming a princess when I was young. Even now, the thought of it makes me smile and feel young and more special.)--by the way, i believe that all girls are princesses. no matter what age. <3
  • it has been with me amidst the hardships I've had in the community duties that we had when i was still a student nurse.
  • I grew more in-love with it as we spend years together. (omgosh! so sentimental.) LOL. <3

← back view of this mug.

see, even only when drinking water, I used this.→

my second favorite, Little Twin Star. <3 and  another Disney princess mug, Snow White. *click to enlarge*