Monday, July 12, 2010

Cecelia Ahern books

The very first package I received in my entire 21years on  earth!! And, it's so memorable because it came from someone I didn't know but I was expecting the package anyway. Let me fill you up, last June 15, 2010, I was looking for a free e-book of the book P.S. I Love You written by Cecelia Ahern that i could download; preferably a PDF file. I was browsing through the choices google had presented me and an option struck me, that one which had this title: 5/4: STICKY!: Giving Away Some of My Books (ENDED) it said that free books are being given, though I was looking for an e-book. I checked it out only to find out that the offer is for those in Kuwait only, but i saw these 5 photos of Cecelia Ahern books, my eyes feasted on the photo and I suddenly tried to break the rule which says "INSIDE KUWAIT ONLY!!", by still sending an e-mail anyway at about 11:09PM that day.. I asked if there could really be no way that it could be shipped to other countries and I told where I was from; then the person replied and told me that she'll try to find a way for that. Then, I saw myself breaking another rule which says "don't give personal information to anyone on the internet" because I have given my full address and my mobile number to her.I had such an impulse on that moment but I still managed to pray that my safety is wouldn't be at risk.

We still had a few exchange of e-mails and I was asking on how I can contribute to the shipping expenses since I'm from a different country; but she told me that she appreciates it that I want to help with the expenses but also said that she refuse to accept any payments for the books and the shipping, and including in her message that just knowing that her books will be given to someone who would treasure it would be enough for her. Yeah, and that's the least I could do too. She even told me that once she had shipped it, she'll delete my e-mails containing my personal information since my privacy is extremely important to her, I really admire her for that character. I can't believe that someone like her exists. I mean, come on, free books and still be the one to pay for the shipping fee? Asking nothing in return? Is it for real? The answer is absolutely possible, and the Lord showed me that.

At June 23, 2010 4:48:12 AM, I received an e-mail from miss Dana (that's what she wrote in one of her e-mails), saying that it's done and I just have to e-mail her when I receive it. So I just waited fore several days. Sometimes, I even think that maybe they can't find our address or maybe something went wrong and I'm not waiting for anything anymore, but at July 10,2010 3:55 PM, I received a package from LBC and I was so excited about it, because I know what it was. 

And that's how it went, I immediately took pictures of it as attached in the beginning of this post, some of the pictures, I even sent to miss Dana through e-mail as a matter of thanking her also. Above all, praise God for His blessings and provisions. I didn't have money to buy these books, but still, i got it without spending anything. Amazing, Lord. <3