Thursday, February 2, 2012

On Being a RareJob Teacher and a Businesswoman

My friend who lives in New York (Aiko Vanessa) had this idea of an update blog together with our other friend and my bestie (Catrina Lou) to keep ourselves updated about each other. The blog title is THE DINOSAUR AND CAT PLUS SOME SHOES . And well, Aiko is the DINOSAUR since that is what her bestie (Hannah) calls her and the other way around. CAT is of course, CATrina. And the SHOES part? That's me. Cat usually calls me "Schue" which has a little different spelling and pronunciation of my actual Chinese family name: Xu. Unfortunately, Aiko calls me Shoes instead.

Anyway, that is just a quick history and background of the update blog. I wanted to post those which I posted there to also be put here as a personal update too (in a way). So here you go:

Good morning to C. and good evening to A. :))

Well this is my first official update post so I think that I should re-introduce myself first? kidding.

Well it's been a long time so I'm thinking of posting some things since the "last" time that we actually got to have Skypemornights together.

As you know, I'm not practicing my nursing profession already. (I'm not closing my doors on that possibility though.) And the main source of God's provision for me is my teaching "profession". I'm a RareJob English Teacher and aside from that, I also have a business wherein I distribute some products and at the same time building some business teams along the way.
For the teaching part, I'm really enjoying it a lot and I'm so not good in teaching, you both know me. LOL. The thing is, I don't know how the Lord does that and I'm just so amazed by student evaluations and verbal appreciations. He is doing it, y'know, literally helping me on the teaching thing. I enjoy it because of the following reasons:

1. Making a difference in other people's lives by helping them become globally competent through language ;

2. Building cross-cultural friendships (I can actually laugh with them a lot and communicate deeply with some of them, can you believe that? I'm so glad.) ;

3. Learning A LOT (culture, life, new insights, broadened perspective, etc.) ;

4. I like this part the best: I'm able to actually speak about Jesus Christ and the Gospel to some of them. I sometimes feel like crying for joy whenever I am able to share the Gospel to a student because I know that gaining eternal life in Christ is much more important than speaking in English abroad. (I think that I was able to share it to about 7-9 students already.) And I never even thought that it is possible for me. I hope that they will be able to take it to heart. Please help me pray for the lost souls and that the seed of the Gospel will be cultivated by God and bear fruit the soonest.

That is for the teaching. For the business, I'm actually having some difficult time in the "building business teams" part because I'm sooo not good with people skills. And people usually look down on females and the younger generation to actually lead them. Plus, I'm so not a leader myself! Starting last December 2011, I drew a line before me and the business thing to slow me down because I felt that it was really pulling me away from my affections toward God. The busy schedule barely gave me time to think about having my devotion times with Him. HOW HORRIBLE WAS THAT and HOW STUPID WAS I AGAIN?

I wanted to do the business because I want to use it for the furtherance of His Kingdom, not for selfish gains which is slowly becoming the motive as time goes on. There was this part where I needed to put my 100 dreams on a list. I realized that my dreams are shifting from the glory of God to my personal desires. I already abandoned the list and I want to make a new one filled with dreams, one which is thought together with my Father. I'm just so blessed that the Lord revealed it to me before I sank deeply into the quicksand. Now, I'm doing it slowly, asking for God's grace to be able to carefully do it not for selfish gains. 
God provides for the needs of the birds and trees which nobody cares for, how much more for humans. Especially us, His children, right? I also don't want to lose sight of Him as my life support.

Anyway, I hope this blessed you in some way and I will stop here now to keep it short, keep posted for updates for the "other" areas of my life.

xoxo, J. ♥